Welcome to my website.
I am Alisa ! I make concept art and illustrations.
And I was born in Kiev, so my logo is Alisa artist Kiev.
On my site you will find book illustrations, character and creature design, landscapes, and my comics! I usually draw digitally in Procreate on iPad.
You can watch speedpaints on my YouTube channel.
And if you like traditional art you can follow me on Instagram where I post my drawings and sketchbook pages.
Also I do needle felting, polymer clay sculpting and 3D cards .
I have painted illustrations and a cover for the fantasy-adventure stories "The Somali dagger" by Kamilla Kolybanova from her series "Kamilla's Tales".
I am currently working on design, environments, comics and illustrations for the world of my original characters. You can find the process of developing my new universe on YouTube.

Alisa artist kyiv panther 250

My specialization it is concept art and illustration. The concept art is the idea of what the character, environment, or prop might look like. Illustration is when you put all of those elements into one image to tell a story (also known as a narrative image).

Alisa artist kyiv Anais

I have painted illustrations for the fantasy-adventure stories " The Somali dagger" for the next chapters : Panther , Underwater world , Leopard man , The Reborn Bride -Anais , Angry Leopard , Beauty Anais , Scramble

Now I'm working on some new paintings with OC original character design expressions emotions digital art procreate art sketch magic fantasy cute creature animal pets furry.

Alisa artist kyiv cuncept art OC original character

Lavender - associated with the flowering fields of Provence and with my favorite French language, which I have never ceased to admire since childhood.

At the age of five I was brought to a ballet studio, where I first heard such melodious words: glisse, plie , grand batman , entree . Since then, ballet and French have won my heart forever and, along with painting, have become a lifelong hobby.

Alisa artist kyiv ballet

Alisa artist kyiv swimming

Lavender, turquoise, blue are always present in my work. They characterize not only my aesthetic preferences, character traits, but also my hobbies. In addition to painting, I love sports, most of all - swimming. I often find inspiration in the turquoise

I am also fond of  alpine skiing I dont even know what color could be chosen to describe the exciting energy of downhill skiing. When you rush down the slope, the whole gamut of feelings, all the colors of the rainbow, flashes in your soul at the same time

Alisa artist kyiv skiing alpinet


alisa artist stella
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